It is not uncommon for newly created churches to create a nursery as well so that children can play while the parents attend the sermons. When a nursery is being opened, it is essential for parents to make sure that their children stay in safe hands as long as they remain in the nursery. It is unfortunate but true that there are people in this world who look at kids as soft targets for their ill intentions. Therefore, it becomes crucial for parents to do whatever they can to ensure that their children stay safe. What can you do as a parent in this particular scenario? Let’s find out.

Run Background Checks On Employees

The church needs to make sure the staff hired to handle kids have provided every bit of personal information about themselves. With the help of this information, background checks can be made to ascertain whether any of the staff member has any kind of criminal history.

Every Employee Should Be Fingerprinted

It is obvious that a person with a criminal background wanting to gain access to kids will not give you accurate or honest information about himself or herself. No matter how nice or friendly a potential employee appears, he/she should not be hired for a church nursery until they are fingerprinted. The great thing about running fingerprint background checks on potential employees is that you can get search results quickly. Once the results are in your hand, you can know clearly whether a person is safe to work with kids or not.

Drug Test Potential Employees

It would be a huge mistake to let anyone using drugs take care of kids. A drug user or addict cannot be a responsible employee and could very easily cause harm to the kids. So, make sure that everyone working in the church nursery have been screened for both illegal and legal drugs. Apart from illegal drugs, people can be addicted to prescription medications. If an employee takes prescription medicines, check whether he/she has a doctor’s prescription for those medicines. If they do not have a prescription, it means they are abusing drugs and therefore should not be hired to work with kids.

Doing the above-mentioned things will provide you with a peace of mind. If you need to run background checks on potential employees, you can get in touch with Florida FFL and we will do the checks on your behalf. We are known for our quality, easy fingerprint background check service. To know more about our services, feel free to contact us at anytime.