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Florida FFL is your trusted source for Fast Fingerprint Live-scans. We work with the FBI, FDLE, ATF and all our employees have been background checked, to secure your private information. Don’t trust just any clerk or shipping store or unregulated vendor with all your personal information necessary to compromise your identity, social security numbers, dates of birth, address’s, and even places of birth to submit your Level 2 background check.

What is Live Scan Digital Fingerprinting?

Live Scan Digital Fingerprinting is the electronic fingerprinting process that replaces traditional ink fingerprinting. An individual’s fingerprints are scanned and securely transmitted to the government, which performs a criminal history background check using an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). Live Scan is often required by statute for certain types of state-issued licenses, employment, and volunteer work.

Live Scan Digital Fingerprinting is a form of background check required by the state and federal governments; typically for state-issued licenses, employment, or volunteer work. It is also often required for (but not limited to) people who work or volunteer in positions of trust for populations such as vulnerable citizenry, the elderly, dependent adults and children. The government will check submitted fingerprints against its database to retrieve an individual’s criminal record.

Organizations That May Require Live Scan Digital Fingerprints

• AHCA-Healthcare workers, Education, Government, Police, Security, Banking, Real Estate, Legal, Accounting, Child Care, Management companies, Social services, Attorneys, Adoption and more.

Digital Fingerprinting

Many agencies still require the traditional ink fingerprints for their licensing. Florida FFL uses PrintScan’s state of the art software can capture fingerprints digitally and print them out on fingerprint cards.

Fingerprint Archiving

PrintScan’s software is capable of capturing digital fingerprints and storing them in our secure server for the purpose of generating hard copies of fingerprint cards as needed in the future.

Electronic Submissions to FINRA

PrintScan is only one of thirteen companies in the United States authorized to digitally capture and submit your Electronic Fingerprint Submissions (EFS) directly to FINRA.

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FBI Fingerprint Background Checks

PrintScan is able to transmit electronic fingerprint submissions directly to the FBI through an authorized FBI Channeler.

Florida FDLE

Florida FFL is an FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) authorized Live Scan vendor and can transmit records electronically directly to FDLE.

What you need to bring.
A valid, government-issued photo identification such as, but not limited to:

  • A state driver’s license,
  • State ID,
  • Passport,
  • Military ID, or
  • Green card, and

A secondary ID (No photo necessary) such as, but not limited to:

  • A voter registration card
  • A concealed weapons permit
  • A credit card (please cover the numbers)
  • The ORI number where the results will be sent
  • Your application number or other code the regulating agency uses to identify you or your application (OCA, file number, etc.)

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