There is no doubt about the fact that having a firearm with you when you step outside of your house can provide you with a peace of mind as you know you are well-equipped to deal with any danger that might befall you. However, it is also essential to keep in mind that firearms have the potential to cause great problems, especially if you do not know how to handle them. Safety should be of paramount importance when carrying a firearm with you. That is why in this blog, we will share with you key golden safety rules that every firearm owner should know. What are those rules? Let’s find out.

Muzzle Should Always Be Pointing At A Safe Direction

Accidental discharges have caused great harm to the community of legal gun owners. Such discharge can cause injury to others and in some cases, they can prove fatal as well. That is why it is of utmost importance that you always make sure your gun’s muzzle is pointing at a safe direction. By safe direction, we mean even if an accidental discharge does happen, the projectile will not hit a living thing. So, develop a habit of holding your gun in such a manner that its muzzle is not pointing at a living thing.

Your Gun Should Be Unloaded If You’re Not Using It

Your gun should be loaded only when you intend to shoot a target. For example, you can load it when you are in the field or at a shooting range. When you’re not going to use it, keep it unloaded, which means there is no ammunition in the chamber or the magazine. And another thing you should do is, always treat a gun as though it is loaded. Whenever someone hands you a gun or you hand over a gun to someone, make sure you check whether the gun is loaded or not in both the cases.

Store Your Firearm In A Safe Place

It would be foolish to store your firearm in a place where your kids or burglars can easily get access to. It is best to lock your firearm in a safe spot or keep it in a place where no one will see it. Keep in mind that if there’s an home invasion, you want to be able to get access to your firearm quickly. So, choose a spot accordingly.

Apart from these, other key gun safety rules are being sure of your target and what is beyond it, always keeping your finger above the trigger rather on it, always using proper ammunition, etc. There are several other key rules. You can learn them by attending Florida FFL’s concealed carry class in Fort Myers. Also keep in mind that you can legally conceal carry a firearm with you in Florida only if you have attended concealed carry classes and received your permit after completing those classes. If interested, you can learn key gun safety rules and get your permit from Florida FFL.