We all know that when we apply for a new job, the employer carries out a background check on us to determine whether we are what we say we are. This is a necessary step in the hiring process used by virtually every employer. But some companies or employers, such as those involved in child education, medicine, or government work, require you to be fingerprinted as well. There is no need to worry about this additional step as many companies, due to the nature of their work, have to fingerprint potential employees to eliminate doubts or risks.

In this blog, we will explain to you why you may get fingerprinted before commencing your new job. For this, we have listed some points. Let’s take a look at them.

Nature of Work

As we mentioned above, there are some companies that have to fingerprint their potential employees simply because of the sensitive nature of the job. If you have applied for a job that requires to work with children, handle medications, or deal with vital information, then chances are you might be fingerprinted prior to the commencement of the job to confirm whether you have any criminal history and to corroborate the details you have put forward before the employer.

Lack of Documents

In most cases, checking your birth certificate, social security number, driver’s license, and other similar documents is enough to verify you and hire you. But in some cases, the applicant may not have sufficient identification or he/she may be known by multiple names. In such cases, it becomes necessary for the employer to do a fingerprint check on the applicant. This step is taken simply to corroborate the details you have given to the employer.

Criminal Record

When applying for a job, it does not matter whether you were involved in a minor issue with the law enforcement officers or something serious, what matters is your honesty. If your employer somehow gets to know about your minor brush with the law in the past, he/she would be compelled to inquire more about your criminal past. So, it is best you remain truthful with your employer about your past criminal activities. Keep in mind that a fingerprint scan will reveal all your convictions to an employer.

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