Applicants often get “No Fingerprints” or “Poor Quality Fingerprints” remarks while undergoing fingerprints and background checks. Many people have experienced rejections and had to redo their fingerprint scans multiple times to get prints right. To avoid going through the pain of repeated fingerprints scans, the best solution is to find the best fingerprints live-scan in Fort Myers Lee.

The quality of fingerprints is determined by several factors. While we have control over some of them, we don’t have any control over the others. For instance, we can take care of hands, like treating dryness or excessive sweat, before heading for the fingerprints scans. However, we can do nothing about skin health, dryness due to aging or particular medication, excessive sweating, and genetics.

To prepare for a fingerprint scan, factors that you have control over are mentioned here:

  • Keeping yourself hydrated and minimize the intake of alcohol and caffeine. A day or two before your live-scan appointment ensure you drink plenty of water to avoid dryness in palms.
  • Applying moisturizing lotion, preferably oil-free, each time after washing hands. Create this habit at least two days before you head for fingerprint scanning.
  • When the date of fingerprint scanning appointment is approaching, avoid long hours swimming or hand exposure to the water, especially in seawater.
  • It is hard to go without washing hands; however, you must avoid washing them a couple of or few hours prior to the live-scan fingerprints. Also, restrict the use of hand sanitizer to get a better quality digital print.
  • Hot hands are mostly sweaty and give poor quality prints. Therefore, cool down and dry your hands properly before your fingerprint scanning, especially when the weather is hot and humid.

Now, you know what are the biggest challenges that could hinder you from obtaining fine quality fingerprints. Whether you are going for it for the first time or have to redo the digital fingerprints, find the best fingerprints live-scan in Fort Myers Lee here.