Livescan fingerprinting is an efficient and reliable alternative to traditional fingerprinting technique that involves ink and paper to get the fingerprint. While the traditional method is usually prone to human errors, livescan method delivers more accurate results at a faster speed.

Livescan method involves a digital fingerprinting machine instead of ink and card to record the fingerprint by rolling the fingertips across its screen. The machine comes with an illuminating light that indicates that the fingerprint is good enough to be processed. In case it is not, the individuals giving the fingerprints need to make another attempt.

Here are 4 reasons that make livescan fingerprinting in Fort Myers, Lee County a preferred option:

Enhanced clarity

One of the most common problems with ink-based fingerprints is lack of clarity that often requires the candidate to appear for the scan again. There is also possibilities of human errors such as using too much or too little amounts of ink for taking the fingerprints that may impact the quality. Livescan fingerprints put an end to this.

With live fingerprinting, agencies can rely more on fingerprint results as they tend to be more clear and accurate. The process also eliminates the chances of possible errors as there are no ink and paper involved.

Electronic transmission

Livescan fingerprints don’t require someone to carry them physically and transport them to their destination. Everything is digital and they can be transmitted electronically, thereby reducing risks and saving time by immediate transmission. In case of ink and paper fingerprints, this convenience is absent.

Secure storage

The results obtained from livescan fingerprints don’t require a file to store them. They can be stored on a cloud database and accessed whenever and as many times as required. Plus, you can generate hard copies of the results if required.

This prevents any possibility of error or fraud and improves reliability of the process with added security and more efficient storage options.


Livescan fingerprints have changed the entire practice by adding efficiency to operations. Fingerprints are taken more quickly and sent to the concerned department in no time, adding pace to the process. In case of a rejection, the candidate gets to know it sooner than ink and paper method that takes weeks to notify the person.

The bottom line

Fingerprints have always been efficient tools for crime branches and background verification businesses. With evolution, fingerprints have become digital, saying no to lengthy processes and inaccurate ink-card results. They are especially beneficial for individuals involved in certain professions that require frequent handwashing and exposure to chemicals making their fingerprints dull and hard to read.

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